It will take up to 6 weeks for you to receive your score report. It will be sent by mail once the final score is reported by the USMLE. For applicants who use an international address, the mailing time will be longer.

The score report will include your name, address, your USMLE number, the test date, and your score.  The score will be reported in 3 ways: your overall pass/fail status, your three-digit score and your two-digit score.  The last two represent your performance during the exam, and you will need a score of 185/75 as a minimum to pass the USMLE step 1, and a 182/75 to pass the USMLE step 2 CK.  USMLE step 2 CS is the exception, since its score will be reported only as the overall pass/fail outcome.

On the back of the score report you will find a performance profile showing your results per subject or discipline. This profile is for your self-assessment only and will not be reported together with your score during matching season.

There is absolutely no way to know your score other than the score report, so do not try to contact USMLE, NBME or ECFMG unless 6 weeks have passed and your score report hasn't arrived yet.

If your are an IMG, you may know your pass/fail status before your score report arrives by using the following trick: Go to the OASIS section at the ECFMG website, log in and then check in the examination page if the score report date of your exam appeared. If so, return to the ECFMG main page, access the IWA section and try to reapply to the exam you just did. If you passed the exam, a message with red letters will appear indicating that you cannot apply to that exam since the records show that you already pass it. This trick is not 100% accurate so if no message appears, do not despair and wait for the score report.

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