Once you have your Scheduling Permit at hand, and before you put it in a safe place, you should contact Thompson Prometric ( www.prometric.com ) to schedule your exam appointment. You need to make your reservation as soon as possible in order to obtain the day that you prefer.

To make an appointment you can contact Prometric by phone or at the Prometric website.

    •  Access the Test Takers section at the Prometric website. Then you must select the examination in which you are enrolled.

    •  Enter your name and the Registration Number that is written in your Scheduling Permit. A page will open giving you several options to reserve, confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, locate a test center, etc.

    •  Select the option of Make a Reservation. Choose the state where you want to take your exam, and then a list of locations in that state will appear. After you select the exact location that you prefer, a table showing all available dates in that specific location will appear.

    •  After completing all the required information, a confirmation page will appear showing your personal information, the reservation place, date, and your confirmation number. The confirmation number will allow you to confirm of reschedule your appointment later on. Write your confirmation number, as well as your testing date and location, in the designated space of your Scheduling Permit (it is the only thing that you can write on it), and verify that you wrote it correctly. Soon after, you will receive an email notification containing your reservation's info.

Special consideration must be taken when making an appointment to take the USMLE steps 2 CS and 3.

Step 2 CS.- The USMLE Step 2 CS is not taken at any of the Prometric test centers. It is only available in centers located in 5 designated cities within the United States (Atlanta, Chicago, Huston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia). Maps and directions can be found at the Step 2 section of the USMLE website; access the Step 2 CS option and look under Clinical Skills Examination Centers. The scheduling of appointments is made at the respective website (NBME for AMG's, and ECFMG for IMG's). AMG's need to access the NLES at the NBME website, and select the Step 2 CS Scheduling option to check the calendar, reserve an appointment, print the Confirmation Notice, etc. IMG's need to access the Step 2 CS Calendar and Scheduling section at the main page of the ECFMG website to check availability at each exam center, and if your Step 2 CS application was already completed at IWA, to reserve your exam day. You should make your reservation as soon as possible, and even though, you may not be able to make an appointment at the location and/or day that you prefer. Additional test days are opened all year long, so you can check continuously to see if you can find the accommodation you prefer. After you complete your reservation, a Confirmation Notice containing your reservation's info is displayed, print it and save it since it will be required when you present at the test center. You may reprint the Confirmation Notice from the respective website if required.

Step 3.- Like the USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK, the Step 3 is taken at Prometric. But unlike the first two, you cannot schedule your appointment on-line. You must call the Reservation Services and make your reservation with one of the Prometric agents who will ask you the same information that is requested on-line (name, address, phone number, Registration Number, exam location and date). You may make a reservation at any of the Prometric test centers within the United States, regardless of the state medical board that you apply through. Soon after, you will receive an email notification containing your reservation's info.

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